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More stuff happens and time makes space for it to happen

Mum's side effects from chemotherapy are really kicking in... Bugger! I thought she had got off lightly until yesterday. Going to see her later on but I thought I leave it until later, give her a chance to sleep.

Went to jewelers Tuesday morning, he still hasn't done them and they are not in the shop, I'm beginning to think they have been entrusted to a team of Hobbits and even now they are making their way to some volcano.

Paul phoned me from US last night, phone calls at 2am frighten me. Very relieved it was him. He's coming over late May for beers, and he understands why I won't be going over to see him just yet. Found out he's a professor over there, only a Dr here, I wonder if there's some point mid Atlantic where he feels the change from Dr to Professor when he flies back to the US. Maybe I shouldn't ask him it maybe one of those questions normal people don't come up with. I'll ask Uncle Nemesis he's my normality checker.

Woke up this morning having nightmare about Raven (my 1960 VW Beetle), she's still not fixed maybe I should look into that today. Part of the nightmare involved being a passenger in a Moscow taxi, very frightening.

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