Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Vet visit went well.Moses didn't crap in his basket, which is a first. He was very calm and the vet managed to get a blood sample out of Moses with me holding him.

Moses weight is up, and he's a lot more relaxed. Still need to get the blood test back but it's looking good. I'll drop into the vets on the way back from Fat Fighters tomorrow morning.

And talking of Fat Fighters... Really not convinced I've done too well this week. Not looking forward to the weigh-in.

Went to see The Pierced One today. It was good to see him, haven't been to see him as he's been ill and I didn't want to catch anything then take it down to my dad. We went out for coffee or two and caught up on stuff.

Also tested GoToMyPC from Dave's laptop... Very cool! I'll be able to get to stuff on my PC at home from Texas and use all my software... So LJ updates with photos while I'm away.

Came home via DIY store, finally got a new smoke alarm and it fits in the lamp in the hall, no modern stuff on show and safe too.

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