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There's a little less of me each week...

Despite my fear I'd of put on weight... I managed to lose 5lbs this week, that's a total of 16lbs in 3 weeks. Also asked about going to meetings in Texas, seems I can. That should be interesting, I may even stay for the talk. Just call me International Fat Fighter.

The fat chart has been updated.

Dropped into the vet after Fat Fighters, but no vet available to talk to me. But Jim the vet just called. Moses OK T4 levels OK, also shows good kidney function. He'll still need an operation but that can wait until I get back... PHEW! That's made my week.

Stopped off for a coffee on the way home and emailed Ari the good news.

Marc the urban cowboy popped round when I got home, we went for another coffee up at the station to catch up. It seems our friend Yan is doing better (I just wish he'd give up smoking) and sitting up in bed.

Off to meet Demetra tonight at the Drill Hall to sit in on a radio show recording. Think I'll drop into a few computer shops in TCR.

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