Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

I wasn't expecting that tonight

Thought I'd be just getting my hair dyed tonight, ended up assisting in an operation. The Girl of Much Bird Madness called to ask if I could come over early and give her a lift into work (the vets) as Banshee (her budgerigar) was bleeding from his cast (he has a broken leg). I zoomed over expecting to have a nervous wait in the vet's waiting room with Dave. Dave and I ended up assisting. You'll have to see The Girl of Much Bird Madness's LJ for the full technicalities but essentially we knocked out Banshee then bird_mad_girl cauterised the offending blood vessels and redressed his leg, with me holding this tube and putting my finger on that dressing when asked. Poor Banshee he looked so small and frail,
but looked a lot better and once we got him home he didn't stop eating all night, a good sign I think.

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