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Off to Whitby in half an hour.

Apart from nearly forgetting the tickets, all is well.

Cat in storage. Check

Packed a pile of black stuff to wear. Check

Money. Check

Ari's either a sleep, out or at work... I wish I could talk to her just to say bye...

Last night I sprayed my trainers black, just the silver bit at the back. Tried the plastic dye paint I got for the PC I'm working on. The trainers now look like they were made that way. I've taken off all the dumb Nike logos and they are looking reasonable for trainers. Black sweat shirt and pants arrived last night. They also have some dumb logo on but I should be able to unpick that as it's just embroidery. All sorted to have the piss taken if I join a gym. Why must everything have a logo? I don't want to look like a billboard. OK that's the last bit of moaning I'm off for some fun in Whitby. Hope to see you there.

We're going to Whitby!

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