Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Whitby! Yay! Had one of the best Whitbys ever... Feel a little guilty as some people probably had the worst Whitby ever, due to being made to wait outside. Conflicting rumours already abound. Way too much to report about the weekend. Too much to do before I go away, I have been washing and packing like a mad thing. Found time to try out a couple of 3D photos of Psychophile

You'll need red and blue glasses to view them. Make sure the blue lens is over the right eye... if not your head will implode. Still waiting for the Devilish Presley 3D films to be put on CD at the Agfa shop. They are having problems lining up the 2 shots per frame. The shop in Whitby did this with 5 films in and hour no problem... More proof that Whitby is better than Twickenham in so many ways.