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I'm back in Texas. Flight OK, watched National Treasure and Blade Trinity on the tiny screen, read for 4 hours, ate too much, looked out of the window. US Immigration was just a formality, customs even less so.

Ari was there at arrivals as close as she was allowed to get to the gate. So good to see her again. Dumped off my stuff at her new place, which is a rather nice 2 bedroom town house. Said hello to Molly (her dog) Met the kittens (Mr Biscuit is so cute and bold). Then headed off to a diner for something to eat... Well something else happened before we went to the diner but I'm not going into that here.

Later we took Molly for a walk and I saw my first firefly (Wow! Bio-luminescence I was very impressed) By the time we got back I'd seen loads of fireflies, and I'm still impressed.

Then fatigue hit me big time and I had to sleep. Ari had to go into work for a few hours and I crashed out with Molly to keep my feet warm.

Ari came home about half an hour ago and I woke-up. I'm letting her get some sleep and looking around on the Web for stuff to do here. It's 6:30 ish in the morning here and my body thinks it's lunchtime.

I've found a list of Dallas Fat Fighters and will try and get along to a meeting later today. Weighed myself in the bathroom and if Ari's scales are correct I have last a bit more weight. However I think I will be lucky if I have stayed the same after over indulging at Whitby.

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