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Went to Texas Fat Fighters yesterday... Not good news, the Whitby effect kicked in and I didn't lose any weight this week, but I didn't put any on. So what the hell?. The way things are going I doubt I'll lose any this week either. But I did manage to go to the movies today and only drink water, even kept my hands off Ari......'s popcorn.

I seem to have slipped into Texas time OK, it's going back to the UK that messed me up last time.

My PC at home is still off-line so I can't use any software I have there. Hopefully Uncle Nemesis will pop round and reboot it for me soon then I can link up with it again.

Going to Waco on Saturday for the fair. Is Waco ready for a big goth in a kilt? Then going to stay down on the coast for a few couple of days next week, we may have found a hotel that will let us bring a dog... not sure about goths though ;-). Then hopefully off to Las Vegas the following week.

It is very hot by my standards although Ari thinks it's cool... Don't think I could stand it here in July / August heat wise.

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