Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Kilts in Waco

Went to the Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival over near Waco yesterday. Found another US Porter (Black Hook). Ari got a new corset, top, skirts...

Saw two shows by local band The Rogues. Good job I wore my kilt.

Wandered around the fair, looking at all sorts of cool clobber... Really liked a big black wool Carrick (coat with a cape collar). Not too expensive but it would have made a big dent in my traveling funds, also as it was a tad warm a big wool coat wasn't really necessary.

We hope to go back next week... May get the coat... if it's still there and they take my credit card.

Missed the jousting and the insult show. Hope to catch them next week too.

Diet not going too well. Went to a whole food supermarket this morning. It's massive (Ari tells me it's smaller than the other one she knows. I had choice overload.