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Home Alone (apart from 1 dog, 1 cat, & 3 kittens)

We took Molly (Ari's dog) for a walk yesterday. Managed about 4 miles, Ari got sun-burnt some more, I've been lucky so far. Ari thinks I'll get thrown out of the Goths if I get a tan... LOL

Ari is at work right now and I'm listening to Radio 4 over the Web. Kittens are running around, I had to take Molly for a walk around the garden thankfully she only wanted a pee and I didn't have to pick up any dog poop... SHUDDER.

If Ari is back in time we are going down to a Dallas Fat Fighters (it's so big here they have shops just for fat fighters). Pretty sure I won't have lost anything, too much beer at the Scarborough Faire, and too much good food everywhere. If I've just remained the same I'll be happy, although I'm guessing I've put some on :-(

Tomorrow we are going down to Galveston for a couple of nights. I really should of brought my driving license so we could share the driving, feel a bit bad about that. Mind you some of the rules of the road here seem a little odd to a UK driver... Just as UK rules must seem weird to US drivers.

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