Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

Jobs done...

Washing-up. Check

Dog walked. Check

Dog doings picked-up. Check and yuck (how do dog owners do this every day? I know you don't touch it using the plastic bag method but still... YUCK!)

Washed hands. Check

Washed hands. Check

Washed hands. Check

Washed hands. Check

BBC Radio 4 news listened to. Check (Anyone know what odds are being offered on Tony being out of number ten before the years up?)

Coffee on. Check

An hour and a half until Ari gets back from work.

Two days until weigh day at Texas Fat Fighters and I know I've over done it this week. If I've put on weight will they make me stay for the inspirational talk? Hope not, been to one in the UK and it just made me want to eat. Still I did get to take a piss in the Gulf of Mexico last week.

This means I have now relieved myself in:

The English Channel

The Mediterranean

The Atlantic

The North Sea

Irish Sea


The Gulf of Mexico

Rushing through life, adding my water to the mighty torrent along the way.

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