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Postman Pat woke me up this morning with large magazine arriving. I'm going to put a piece of foam under the letter box.

Things seem to be taking an upswing in the life o' Rimmell.

OK mum's still receiving chemotherapy got to take her to hospital again on Thursday for next treatment and side effects will probably kick in around Saturday :-(

also on a much less scale of bad things... I seem to have done me back in. Too much driving on Sunday? Don't know, just woke up with it on Monday.

"So what's the upswing?" I hear you ask... Hmmm or deathly silence. Well I'm not telling ;-)

Mundane stuff... Went to archery centre yesterday and got all sorts of bits to make new arrows, cant find my old ones in storage. Strange thing, you measure arrows by the length of your arm... But my left arm seems longer than my right... Huh? I do hope I'm not going all lopsided in my old age. I had trouble stringing my bows because of bad back and generally being all weak and feeble.

Have to go and get bits for making cupboards and bookcases today, then maybe I should really start building the damn things.

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