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Once more around the fair then home for tea...

Ari took me to some more antique stores (warehouses) yesterday. You know that last scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark? Where the Ark is left in some massive government warehouse? Well imagine that warehouse only packed with antiques, junk, old carnival props, several full size Draculas, a Trabant, the Southpark school bus (full size, real one with all the southpark kids in it), a real Mig 15... Tons and tons more weird stuff. Too bad all of it too heavy to ship and I'm up to my tax free limit (I hope we get the promised 1000 pound limit next year).

Today we went out to the fair again.

We were in the audience for the record breaking Christophe the Insulter show (most money taken to insult one person, just over $500!). I took one last longing look at many costumes. I got a shirt and an enormous pair of breeches from Moresca and Ari got a gown to go under the the open one she got last week... Here she is modeling it.

I only have three whole days left in Texas and only one whole day with Ari, as she is working Monday and Tuesday then I fly home Wednesday afternoon. Really not looking forward to having to leave.