Mark Rimmell (markrimmell) wrote,
Mark Rimmell

This could be good.

At Treadwells (London)

ctrl v

"Imagine a Victorian parlour of occult activities, parlour games, and esoteric conversation. This costumed evening soiree is a chance to explore your retro gothic self, to partake of a finger buffet, to drink sparking wine and to join the gentlemen in smoking fine cigars on the balcony. Your hosts for the evening are Treadwells regulars known as The Three Blondes; they will greet you, introduce you, and run the party games. The evening tarot maestro, Tomas d"Aradia, is available to give readings by prior arrangment (reserve yours at the time of booking). Cost £7.00 includes buffet and soft drinks. If you would like a half-hour tarot reading with professional tarot reader Tomas d"Aradia, add £15.00. Bookings now, places limited. Payment in advance for this event, please."

More information here

I hope my new frockcoat and waistcoat arrive in time for this.

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